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11th Annual
Miriam Kittrell Race for Education
Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Race R
esults (PDF)

March 21 was an important day for Forest Lake Education Center. Hundreds of students and community members participated in the Miriam Kittrell Race for Christian Education.

“The support from our parents and community was abundant,” said Melissa Keller, FLEC Home & School Leader. “The day was a true testimony to our community’s desire to see our children in Christian schools. The spirit of the day was one of togetherness and I praise God for our school family. I am grateful to all those who came and who contributed.”

Today, more than ever, we need to teach our children with biblical guidance and direction while they're young--and establish a strong foundation for their future. The Miriam Kittrell Race for Christian Education provides a way for students to come to FLEC who cannot afford it. The 5K supports FLEC's Worthy Student Fund.

"The beauty and riches of the word of God have a transforming influence upon mind and character; the sparks of heavenly love will fall upon the hearts of the children as an inspiration. We may bring hundreds and thousands of children to Christ if we will work for them."  EGW PH081 9.1