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FLEC Strategic Plan
To fulfill our mission and vision, and to adhere to our guiding core values, FLEC is committed to achieving the following strategic goals and objectives over the next five years. These goals and objectives form the core of our strategic plan and represent our long-term strategic commitments in areas concerning school development, and address short- and long-term issues that the school will deal with proactively.

These goals are to be implemented in a holistic manner, supported and guided by a series of interconnected objectives and action plans that will support the implementation and monitoring of the plan with an overriding foundation and focus on spirituality.

GOAL 1 | Educational Excellence: Strengthening Our Commitment To Excellence In Education
Goal: Strengthen academic excellence and innovation with a stronger focus on science, technology, and co-curricular opportunities that actively engage our students in meaningful learning that challenges and motivates them to reach their potential.

1.1     Expand the visual and performing arts program to enhance FLEC’s balanced learning experience.
1.2     Expand our students’ development as service-orientated Disciples of Christ by providing greater opportunities for community service,
          character education, and citizenship.
1.3     Review and expand the co-curricular activities and physical education program as essential components of the curriculum.
1.4     Establish a clearly defined foreign language program for all levels.
1.5     Increase science and technology programming through hands-on and experiential learning.
1.6     Engage and support teachers’ professional and spiritual growth to ensure quality of instruction.
1.7     Develop and apply measurable approaches to assess and evaluate student performance ensuring that the curriculumremains exceptional,
          relevant, and challenging for all learning styles.

GOAL 2 | Parent Engagement: Parents As Partners In Learning
Goal: Foster and nurture positive relationships with parents, engaging them in their child’s educational
experience and providing opportunities for constructive contributions to the school.

2.1     Recognize and honor our parents as valued and integral partners in learning.
2.2     Strengthen the relationship with school families by building a sense of involvement, investment, and ownership before, during and                   after their child’s years at FLEC.
2.3     Facilitate a positive working relationship between parents and school through effective communication.
2.4     Encourage parental accountability for students’ academic success and citizenship.
GOAL 3 | Financial Resources: Ensuring Financial Stability For Today And Tomorrow
Goal: Build and preserve our financial resources for the benefit of current and future generations of students.

3.1      Develop a five year finance and capital plan based on optimum enrollment that supports the strategic and operating priorities.
3.2      Develop efficiencies to reduce operating costs to stay within the budget and maintain affordability.
3.3      Increase capital reserves and contingency plans to withstand future challenges.
3.4      Ensure that families in need have adequate funding for tuition and related school expenses.
3.5      Develop and implement a five year fundraising master plan to coordinate development efforts.

GOAL 4 | Technology: Enhancing Learning And Teaching Through Technology
Goal: Embrace technology as a tool to enhance student learning, teacher development, and administrative operations.

4.1      Develop and implement an annually updated three-year technology master plan to focus on the use of current and  emerging  technologies throughout every function of the school.
4.2      Ensure the school maintains a technology program that is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum and all aspects of school life.
4.3      Prepare students to live and lead in a changing world by providing access to, and education in, current and emerging technologies   where applicable.
GOAL 5 | Facility And Grounds: Enhancing Our Campus To Enrich Learning
Goal: Enhance and develop the school’s grounds and facilities to provide a safe, attractive, and functional learning environment.

5.1       Develop a phased campus master plan for the enhancement of current and future facilities and grounds.
5.2       Evaluate and strengthen current policies, procedures, and safety protocols to ensure that the school environment is safe and conducive  for learning.
5.3        Develop and implement a five year capital needs plan to guide maintenance and budgeting, addressing anticipated repairs                   and replacement of major building systems and grounds to ensure they are appealing, functional, and safe.
5.4      Develop a campus-wide landscape and appearance plan with emphasis on “firstimpressions” and sensitivity to the environment.
GOAL 6 | Communication: Building Connections Within Our Community
Goal: Build connections within our community to grow and sustain enrollment and ensure a collective voice, positive perception, and involvement in the educational experience of our students.

6.1      Communicate the strengths and role of the school to our community by providing timely communication that is                                                 interactive, customizable, and accessible.
6.2      Develop a communication system between staff and parents that effectively share our students’ progress, success, and needs.
6.3      Build trust and accountability with our stakeholders to promote involvement in school
           affairs and enhanced buy-in to the strategic plan.
6.4      Actively engage and capitalize on existing networks (e.g., alumni, parents, grandparents, churches) and surrounding community     (e.g.,  city of Longwood, local businesses, neighborhoods) to strengthen awareness and support of the school.
6.5      Coordinate internal and external communication across all divisions, departments and offices
            of the school.
6.6       Develop and implement a cost-effective admissions plan to raise the profile of our school’s educational program to develop and                       sustain enrollment.